Why social media is important for your business

Why social media is important for your business? There is one important reason social media is important for your business: people need to know that your business exists.

Yes, if people don’t know about your business, you won’t have any sales. That is the truth.

Social media gives you the opportunity to advertise  your business or services.

In this post: Digital Marketing Ecosystem: The first step of a great Marketing Strategy, I told you that social media is very important for getting good quality traffic to your website or blog.

But also, with social media, you can create a business, develop a brand and generate revenue for your business.

In this post, I am going to explain why social media is important for your business and why you should make a social media marketing plan for your business or services.

Why social media is important for your business: 5 reasons

From experience, I can tell you that there are 5 reasons why social media is important for your business.

Building a community

The name of your business or service must become a brand. That is the only way for your business or service to succeed.

the thechnology savvy community

The business or services that become brands have one thing in common. They have a community of followers that support the brand.

Think, for example, about Coca Cola. The Coca Cola brand is more than the soda; Coca Cola means happiness for many people and those people are a community.

If you know where your target audience is on social media, you will be able to build a community around the name of your business or services.

That is why picking the name of your business or services is important, because that name has to become a brand in the future.

Right now, the younger audience is on TikTok and some users on that platform have thousands of followers, just from dancing.

Yes, it looks simple but those users are creating a personal brand that could be monetized in the future.

To create a brand on social media, you need to pick the right channel and start creating excellent quality content.

The Brand´s reputation

After you have chosen the right social media channel, it is time to create good quality content that brings value to your audience.

the technology savvy Brand

If you bring value to your audience immediately, the brand of your business or services will be created.

To create your business’ brand, I recommend that you think about the problems your target audience may have.

Once you know the problems your target audience has, create content on how to solve those problems.

If your target audience finds the solution to their problem from your content, you will start getting customers, and more importantly, customers that will love your brand.

You may think: why do I have to solve their problem for free? Because first you have to create a community around your business or service.

To do that, you need to create a brand.

Once you have a community around your brand (once they love you) you can offer your product or service to them.

Your community will buy your product or service because they already trust you.

And all of that begins with good quality content on social media. That is why social media is important for your business.

Customer Service

Once you have customers for your business or services, you will need to provide excellent customer service through social media.

the technology savvy customer service

More people are relying on social media to contact brands these days. If you don’t have a protocol for customer service on social media, you will have enormous problems.

Customer service is important because it helps to create a brand.

My recommendation is that you need to have a manual for customer service.

In that manual you have to cover:

  • Communication tone
  • F.A.Qs
  • How to proceed in case of crisis

Trust me, having a manual helps a lot.

Customer Loyalty

Having a brand and excellent customer service will get you customer loyalty.

the technology savvy loyalty

Once you have customer loyalty, your company will have a powerful community that will defend your brand and that will be in love with your products and services.

Social media helps to maintain customer loyalty through time.

You only need good content and to be on the right channels.

Get sales or leads

Finally, if you work on your brand, your customer service and create a community around your business, you will get sales or leads through social media.

the technology savvy sales

As you can see, sales or leads don’t come easy, it’s a process.

But it is possible to have a successful business on social media.

But remember, it all starts with choosing the right social media platform and making good quality content.

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